CERB and COVID-19 Roadmap

Are You Eligible for Benefits?

We have heard it numerous times; “these are challenging times”. Our partner and office host, Rogers Insurance Ltd., with the guidance of Diamond Willow Advisory, have put together an excellent roadmap for those navigating through the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and COVID-19. This map walks through the eligibly requirements for income benefits available from the Government of Canada.

Whether you are or were an employee, self employed, or a business, there are different information pathways to consider depending on your status.

There has been a great deal of confusion on how to apply for the CERB benefits. This roadmap directs you to an online application portal that is available for individuals on days specific to your birth month. As many provincial and federal websites have been overtasked, we believe this staggered application approach may help avoid system overloads.

Download Roadmap

Please feel free to share this illustration with anyone you think would benefit from the information. As employee benefits professionals, we feel it’s crucial to pass along information to help each and every one of our clients, employees, business owners, family and friends navigate these unusual times.
Let’s hope this Pandemic ends as quickly as it arrived.

Be well, stay healthy and listen to your body!